Five MVP awards, six NBA championships and a career average of 30 points per game. His Airness, The Great One – Michael Jordan. For a long time his name has been synonymous with the game of Basketball itself. It’s not just the statistics, the numbers, that make Jordan special. He practically revolutionized the game and there is no doubt about it he is the best basketball player of all time.

No one ever wanted to win more than Michael Jordan did. Thanks to him number 23 is immortalized forever and as former Chicago Bulls head coach Doug Collins once famously said, you’d have to chop of his arms and legs to beat him and there would still be a chance to lose. Jordan played with more intensity and passion than anyone before or after him. He revolutionized basketball and marked an era of professional sports. His style of play, combined with his passion and winning mentality frustrated opponents to the point of genuine despair.
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Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall pick by Chicago Bulls and was named rookie of the year after his first season. Ever since then, he hasn’t stopped. MVP awards, best scorer awards, best defensive player awards, dunk contest wins, championship rings, you name it – Michael Jordan has them all. In now famous final series against the Boston Celtics Jordan scored 63 points! That had never happened in Celtics famous history. From that point on, Jordan had established himself as the star of the league. Another thing he is famous for is his ability to be the best when his team needs it the most. Michael Jordan was, among other things, the best clutch player in the league. He made over 25 winning shots during his career.
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Its safe to say Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. There never was and never will be a player greater than Mr. Air. He played to win and he played with style and grace. He was a leader, a scorer, a slam dunk machine, a three point shooter and a defender, all in one.